FENER Shirts

Don’t have a FENER shirt yet?

Let’s remedy that – you know you want one.  We’ll send you some awesome stickers too!

Men’s sizes:  We only have men’s size Small left. 

Women’s sizes:  X-Large, Large,  Medium,  Small 

(Women’s sizes run small – the small is teeny-tiny.)

Make sure to tell us your shirt size.

Click here to order

6 comments on “FENER Shirts

  1. Love the shirt. It’s one of my favorites now. Got mine back in September at the “Feet for Fener” fundraiser in Perris. If you come up with more clothes/merchandise, I’ll support it 100%. Much loves!

  2. Just ordered mine, can’t wait to wear it, mb some other Canucks that know Nick will see mine and but some too!

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