All About Fener

Nick standing tall 11 months after he lost his legs and broke his back.

Nick Fener is a bit of a local celebrity here in Southern California. Growing up in Canyon Lake, he went from High School partier, to trusted and sought-after local plumber, to popular professional skydiver. Nick Fener was living his ultimate dream: he had a fun-loving and dedicated girlfriend, three amazing dogs, a house on the hill, the dream job of a lifetime, a supportive family, and a huge circle of friends.

On May 20, 2011, Nick’s world changed forever – in an instant – when his parachute collapsed at 70-100 feet off the ground, sending him plummeting feet first into the earth. Despite losing both of his legs, and much physical function from the spinal cord injury he sustained, he held fast to his positive outlook on life. Family, friends, girlfriend, dogs… they all rallied around him to lift his spirits and support him through the hardest, most painful period of his life. Once a professional athlete whose daily creed was, “I’m either working hard, or playing hard,” he learned patience and the value of the deep personal relationships he had been building for many years. With his girlfriend Lindsay’s 24/7 continued and constant support, his life affirmation became “GET BUSY LIVING!”

This blog site, written almost daily by Lindsay, is dedicated to the hundreds of friends and fans, near and far, who want to feel connected to Nick’s radiating positive energy and undying love of life. Please follow us on our journey to enjoy life to the fullest, no matter what it looks like. Sometimes life doesn’t turn out the way you hoped, but you have to change, adapt, and never give up. You have to Get Busy Living… just like Nick Fener has.

13 comments on “All About Fener

  1. I love the new format!!! Totally cool and VERY professsional looking. You both keep kicking it up a notch; Fener with the physical; Lindsay with the writing and creative side. Awesome. I love the “Bad Ass” comment in the heading. Hey, it’s true…the badest dude I know! Blessings, Al

  2. Linds, you are too funny! And, yes, you are so right with regards to those two little words, “I’m Sorry.” That whole “Love means never having to say your sorry” is bull. You got it right.

    I’m sending your comments and your dr.’s recommendation with regards to smoking pot for the pain. It so true. I have several friends with various injuries and chronic pain that use it and it’s a life saver without all the bad side effects of the drugs. Nick, you would seem to be the perfect candidate for this type of treatment. And I bet you even know one or two people who might have access to this wonder drug….maybe?

    Take care you crazy kids. Blessings on the day. Alan

  3. I love this new format. A part of me wishes I would blog my deployment/military experience, but it’s so much WORK! Nick and Linds, you NEVER cease to amaze and touch me. I have shared your story/blog with a LOT of people, and I get asked about how you are doing almost every day. I even have my Feet For Fener foorprint sticker on the front of my cranial at work, and on the back a big “Get Busy Livin'”. I am also asked about it almost daily and I take greart pride in sharing your story! I LOVE YOU BOTH!

  4. I love the new blog look! Awesome and inspiring as always. You both are badasses! Miss you and love you!

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