9 comments on “Spinal Cord Stimulator Trial

  1. Hey buddy this is a bit shit it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Could it be once it’s been put inside you it may work better?
    When the docs amputated did they cut the femoral and peroneal nerves under tension? When I got my lower right leg off 4wks ago I asked them to use a nerve block (on your advice) but also asked them to to cut the nerves under stress so when they let them go they spring way back up my leg and away from the stump. As a result the Fantom sensation and pain I get is very minimal, I’m not taking any pain relief apart from a few paracetamol now and again. I wonder if this was done with you dude?


    • Hey Keith… wow, it’s been four weeks already for you? How are you feeling? I can’t tell you how happy I am that you got the nerve block. We had never heard of cutting it under tension. In fact, we had never even heard of phantom pain until AFTER he started having them.
      Hows the stump healing? I bet you’re still in the “bell bottom” stage with lots of swelling. Make sure you are really taking care of your nutrition right now, it’s important for the healing.
      I don’t really know how to Skype, but could figure it out if you ever wanna chat with Nick. Or you could call him. He’d love to chat with you I’m sure.
      Thanks for keeping in touch Keith. All the best to you. =)

  2. Things are going good and moving fast, the spine has healed already and all the swelling is pretty much gone. I got cast for the socket yesterday and chose a foot etc. I go back a week on Thursday to get fitted.
    it may be worth talking to the surgeons about chopping the nerves back I’m sure it would only keyhole surgery, maybe just a case of locating them, pulling them and cutting them under tension.
    the other things to try out would be a drug specific for nerve pain called pre gabelin there’s also a slow release patch called a ketenza patch.
    hope this helps, if want to talk we could always use facetime as it’s reliable and free.

    all the best.

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  6. Hi Nick,
    I’m just reading about your trial after a google search for “spinal cord stimulator”.
    Just wondering if you ended up getting the permanent implant? And if so, your results?
    The SCS is my next step after a spinal fusion damaged some nerves in my leg. I have horrendous pain in my back/leg/foot & am researching this device.
    My question is, does it help the nerve pain & burning/pulsing etc? This pain drives me mad, I’m on many meds for depression & pain as I’m just not coping. Would love to hear how you are coping?
    Healing vibes my friend!

  7. wow This made me cry… My dad has the Same thing but in his lower back..
    I’m sometimes afraid that he might over doze so he won’t feel pain anymore.. And the doctors want him to try the stimulator to see if he will feel a bit better at least To make him sleep comf..
    He’s been in 3 back surgery a and hasn’t been doing well.. Grumpy deppressed dad.. 😦 makes me mad to see my dad like that I miss my old dad.. Always hiding his pain
    Smiling at us when he felt like dieing..
    A week ago I heard him crying and screaming in his pillow at 3am his face red.. Idk I’ve been praying.. Praying and praying.. That’s all is left.. Doctors can’t even fix him well..

    • I wonder ……did Nick go on to have the full implant? Your site is so inspirational and it really is tough that nerve pain is the hardest to crack.
      Maggie, judging by the date of your post, you might be interested in blog I have just started…….I feel I shouldn’t complain after reading Nick’s story, but I too have chronic pain after various failed surgeries and have just had the trial leads implanted. Maybe my fellow pain pals or I could offer some support – this is all new to me but I’ve called my blog Pain Pals and you’ll find it at painpalsblog.wordpress.com.

      Hope you are continuing to improve Nick, best wishes,


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