4 comments on ““Get Busy Living” — We’re filming a documentary!

  1. Hey Nick,
    your journey has been nothing short of amazing , totally inspiring to someone like me.

    I had a real bad landing back in May 2010 wasn’t nice, like you I broke my back in two places, broke my right femur, right tib and fib and right ankle, and just to top it off I severed my feminal artery which led to a whole heep of complications.
    After two years of hard work in the gym I’ve gotton to the stage where I’m having to have a below knee amputation in January.
    I hope my recovery is going to be as good as yours.
    Keep up the good work mate, and thanks for being a real inspiration.
    Hopefully my recovery will go to plan.

    All the best

  2. Like your whole healing journey to jump ,it will be nothing short of amazing!! looking forward to your Hollywood stardom : D

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