3 comments on “Challenged Athletes running clinic

  1. I’m diggin’ this blog, Lindsay. You’re a great writer and it’s pretty obvious that the two of you together are unstoppable. So happy our worlds have collided. 🙂

  2. This is sooooooo GREAT!!! Welcome to CAF!
    ** I am an incomplete quad (C1-C2), and with CAF’s help, inspiration, and empowerment, I have done marathons and half ironman distances in both wheelchairs and now with a 3 wheeled bike/braces/canes.
    **Just getting to the starting line is a victory! I am so happy that you both were at the clinic, and had a great time!
    Bryon Solberg

  3. Mal por beamdog y horrible por clanDLan. Se las dan de traductores profesionales, pues esas son las condiciones en las que se trabaja.Y encima ex#0ancies&i823g;

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