4 comments on “Attack of the spinal cord injury sneak attack

  1. i would rather go … i would rather go with his formula – in ur case (a common mieopncsoticn) it only works if the inflation is trivial.. if it is bigger, it will make a huge difference.. when talking thousands or millions, those decimals matter.. Was this answer helpful?

  2. personally youtube is more for watching then for uploading, I mean unless you have some super great non copy righted stuff that you know people are going to watch, other wise it can be handful for some, I know I know people often upload there personal videos and other stuff here, but in reality much like on tv either you have stuff people are going to watch or you dont, or just using it to save storage or for personal stuff other then that youtube mostly just good for watching videos.

  3. Hi Bart,The DPS app shown above is not an art book. It’s more of a photo book that I put together using my own pictures from Italy, but I’m glad you like it! Art books tend to have a lot of text and that’s why I think iBooks Author can work well for them. And yes, I do believe that art book publishers want to publish outside of the big stores. But the format would still need to suit the content.

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