4 comments on “Reflection

  1. Hello lindsay and Nick,
    I am hoping that each day that goes by, Nick gets stronger and pain free. For him to have some acceptance of what is and moving forward is huge. That will keep him going. Attitude is everything. I find it inspiring. Hope to see you soon. Bill and I are in Idaho now after being in Glacier National Park.

  2. Nick N Lindsay…..I have met alot of people in my life and in the business that I am in, and there is NO ONE more inspiring to me than the two of you!! and believe me I have met my share of “Legends” I have also told your story to many of them and even without knowing you personelly they still feel like they know you and are praying that your journey is on the rise. Keep up the great work!! You two are AMAZING

  3. Hi there,
    Lindsay, I really think this blog should be published!!! You words things so wonderfully well- makes us all dig a little deeper into ourselves to see if we look at life the way guys do, so positive even after all the shit. Nick, you really are a strong positive man, people should read this and learn from you! Love you both!!!

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