2 comments on “Exercise… tried and true!

  1. “The single thing that comes close to a magic bullet, in terms of its strong and universal benefits, is exercise.” – Jonathan Shaw

    We are swimmers (in my house) and it is an amazing form of exercise. I was a swim coach, Jake (hubby) was a water-polo player, Chalet (Ke’s friend) was a competitive swimmer and still teaches swim. Glad to hear Nick is enjoying it. Keep up that hard work – both of you!

    • Hi Amy! Sounds like you guys know all about the amazing health benefits of swimming. And I’m sure you’ve been following the Olympics like we have.

      Want to know something funny? I received this message from you while sitting at the pool with Nick and Ke! He came to visit us and they finally got to meet. I just thought that was a super neat coincidence.

      Thank you for following us, your support means a lot.
      Much love

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