2 comments on “12 Hours at a Yoga Festival

  1. Oh, Lindsay, I was wondering where you had learned about the Dali Lama’s gambling problem! So funny. I did enjoy it and almost felt like I was there in my white pants. I am a continuous reader of your blog, I bet you did not know that and I wonder how many of us lurkers are out there! Keep up your writing. Maybe one day you can write a family saga.

    • Cheryl, you crack me up!! The Dalai Lama joke was too good to pass up. The teacher who told it had us hanging on every word, dragging it on in complete seriousness.
      So grateful you’re following along with our crazy adventure. I wish more of my “lurkers” would let me know they’re here. =)
      Life is getting better, that’s for sure. I’m looking forward to our lunch next month. Hope we can nail down a day soon! xoxoxo Lindsay

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