2 comments on “Thursday March 15, 2012

  1. Hey Lindsay, remember, this is your “new” life.. it’s no better or no worse than the old one, it’s just “different”. The same happened to me, and now, God I wish I could jump again, and scuba dive, be strong and full of attitude like before, but for now, that’s not me, and I can’t do those things as of yet. I have just accepted that I am alive, and am happy, and I get solice from the simple things…for now! Just be a bit more patient and you will be living your “ass-kicken life”, again! Trust me, you guys have come so far, and again, only in 9 MONTHS!!! Be proud, look how strong your relationship is now, and look toward to your future-just be patient… It’ll come girl…soon!

  2. Well said! Someone I once knew would say that your life is a story – a series of chapters. There’s good ones and bad ones. And when you encounter the bad chapters, you still must fully live them because they’re still part of your story. We never really know how our story is going to go, but at least we all have our own story to live.
    You’re doing awesome, Lindsay.

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